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can i import pymapper into forge vtt

Forge VTT is one such platform can i import pymapper into forge vtt known for its user-friendly interface and powerful features. If you’ve been using PyMapper to create intricate maps for your tabletop sessions, you might be wondering if it’s possible to import those maps into Forge VTT. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to seamlessly integrate PyMapper maps into Forge VTT.

Understanding PyMapper:

PyMapper is a free and open-source map-making tool designed for tabletop RPGs.

Steps to Import PyMapper Maps into Forge VTT:

  1. Exporting the PyMapper Map:

    • Open your PyMapper project and load the map you want to export.
    • Navigate to the export options and choose a suitable format. PNG and JPEG are common choices for image files.
  2. Uploading to a Cloud Storage Service:

    • To streamline the process, upload the exported map file to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
  3. Sharing Permissions:

    • This step is crucial for Forge VTT to retrieve the map.
  4. Generating a Public Link:

    • Retrieve the public link for the uploaded map file. Most cloud storage services provide an option to generate a shareable link can i import pymapper into forge vtt
      that anyone can access.
  5. Accessing Forge VTT:

    • Log in to your Forge VTT account and enter the virtual tabletop environment where you want to import the map.
  6. Creating a New Scene:

    • Within Forge VTT, create a new scene or open an existing one where you want to import the PyMapper map.
  7. Image Import:

    • Look for an option to import an image into the scene. This is usually available in the scene settings or an asset library.
  8. Pasting the Public Link:

    • Paste the public link to your PyMapper map file in the designated field. Forge VTT will fetch the image from the cloud storage and display it in your virtual tabletop.
  9. Save and Share:

    • You can now share the virtual tabletop environment with your players, and the imported PyMapper map will be a central element of your gaming experience.


This process ensures that the effort you put into designing intricate tabletop environments.

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